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  1. I noticed the echo without being in Cubase...And, I've had to rediscover that I have to turn off Win 7 sound with the POD USB plugged into the computer OR unplug the USB after downloading settings. It's a small pain, 'cause I'd like to play along with songs from Windows through the USB through my phones connected to the POD. So it goes...
  2. Think you guys have it - I don't hear the echo in playback. I have my headphones plugged into the POD. I'm pretty sure I have monitoring shut off in Cubase, but I'll have to check that out next time. I'll post again if/when I figure this out. Thanks!
  3. I'm a newbie with the POD, and I have an FX setup with a number of effects that I switch in & out. I'm running a Gibson SG through it & listening on headphones, running it into Cubase LE AI Elements 7 on my Win 7 computer. There's a single slap-back echo that I can't get rid of when I want to play a clean sound. It might be a product of recording & monitoring through the Cubase, but I've not tried generating a clean track & playing it back. Anyone have any ideas? Attached are pictures of my POD screens.
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