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  1. Another Australian here. My Amplifi75 amp was working great one day (and has for some years). It gets very light use at low volume and sits in my air-conditioned study. Then, without warning, it starts up completely unresponsive and making these terrible, loud, random interference noises. Line6 support had me update the firmware (standard response). I managed to download and run the Mac updater and successfully connect it to the AMPLIFi75. The Amp went into update mode easily enough prior to running the update (lights went around from red>pink>white when I turned the dial). At the end of the update process the updater reports the Amp should restart itself automatically (see screen capture attached), but this did not happen. I left it for >5 mins (the whole time it's on, even during the update, it is still making very loud crackling sounds like random radio noise) but it did not restart. I turned it off an on and no change, still making noise and is unresponsive. I then disconnected the power for 5 mins and tried the update all over again: Still no change. Line6 responds with "I'm sorry you had an issue updating. I'm sorry I'm not a tech, so I would not be able to diagnose the issue you're experiencing. You should contact the distributor below for service options" (Yamaha Melbourne). This is very worrying. Added to others with this same issue it looks like Line6 have a design/component reliabilty issue. I've always loved this amp but how can I recommend Line6 now? I hope the repair will be less than a new box!
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