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  1. Crate Flexwave 120H.
  2. Hello, sorry for the late reply. Went out to buy a Send/Return Insert cable that works like hurghanico described and pictured. I followed the diagrams exactly with the cable and his descriptions and everything works! What I wanted was to do the 4-cable method, but I thought the Insert jack was going to hinder me, turns out buying a Stereo to Mono 1/4 inch cable is what I needed to complete the method, and everything sounds great, now that I can bypass my amp's preamp. rd2rk, those 2 jacks are specifically for the footswitch that came with it. The footswitch has 2 inputs/jacks as well. Not sure what they mean I just now you plug both ends on the same colors and the footswitch works.
  3. I should've sent a picture with the post. My bad. Here's the back of my head. http://imgur.com/GxG2ZAE
  4. I have a Crate stack and head with an input, insert, and two jacks for a foot switch. Upon research I can see that the Insert jack is for effect pedals, and I need an insert jack or a y-cable (which I haven't gotten to try out yet) I haven't been able to find anything related to these insert jacks and the pod HD500 and I'm wondering if the pod would work if I somehow plugged it into the insert jack and where would I plug the two jacks on the Y side to the pod? Sorry if I don't make sense. I'm not sure I understand how the fx return stuff works on amps and the pod.
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