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  1. Works awesome so far. Thanks.
  2. Have been following this closely. Another week and nothing. Also, my back is killing me from messing with this on the floor, finally put it onto a box to get it closer, with the obvious drawback of losing the pedal and footswitches for playing. I can't help but thinking Line 6 truly cannot be motivated to release an editor while the boxes still are for the most part in such high demand that they are still back ordered at full MSRP. Clearly not a revenue buster not having the editor. Meanwhile, releasing a flaky piece of software isn't a good thing for customer satisfaction or quality reputation. I totally appreciate this position and I would guess that is what is going on. Meanwhile, I'd be happy to sign the necessary NDAs and liability waivers to get a beta version just to save my back. As use this thing daily, my posture is going downhill fast. As a final thought I am thinking it would be wise to tweak less and play more. Tweaking my chops and not my rig tends to make me a better musician.
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