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  1. Has anyone replaced there neck on there Variax JTV 69 with a wider neck. Iam looking maybe doing this but need some input. What would be a good neck. Keeping the standard,s up as I don't want to put a cheap neck. I like the feeling of my Fender standard stratocaster. The same satern silky smooth feeling of the Maple neck. Allthou my frets on my Korean variax are as good as my USA Fender.But I don't want to remove the neck on my fender. It's setup is perfect. With the adjusting key at the back were it bolts on to the body. I don't want to disturb it. Should I buy a warmoth neck or fender. And on the back of my variax JTV 69 there is a stamp where the Stamp.it says. Manufactured in the USA. Assembled in Korea.? The mind boggles
  2. Maybe what's being made today is improving on the small things that do matter. I've just bought the variax JTV 69 .And I watched a video about the Korean model. But on mine I can't fault it. Only that the neck could of had a bit more width on it. But my frets are very well rounded. The switches feel fine. The volume and tone are nice and smooth. I watched a video about the Korean model and the US model. The Korean variax the neck had a gap between the body and the neck. The shape of the USA models body was shaped different. He seem to think the staggard tunners on the Korean weren't as staggard. Look the same to me. He also pointed out the 5way selector switch was not the same. And the screws holding the neck on where not counter sunk enough. As the US model. And the finished paint work was not as nice. I was told by a fellow music shop owner. That the Korean model Variax JTV 69.that the bridge pickups and other parts are made in the USA. Electronics made in China as they are one of the best for electronicale parts. The stamp on the back of my Korean variax says manufactured in us. Assembled in korea.maybe they have gotten better over time. All the work on mine is quality. If I had to Change anything I would maybe get a wider neck. Anyone who has changed the neck are you changing because you want a wider neck. And if you have and now happy with what you have changed. Could you let me know what side and brand and where from and cost I would love to here your input. Thanks from Ron. in Sydney Australia 2148.And hope everyone has a great day. Rock on Rockers
  3. Just wondering was the price for the USA. Compared to the Korean model. I herd that the USA models are so much more. And the imfomation I got was. The USA model body is different in places. The tuners are supposed better. And that was it other than more costly. My Korean Variax JTV 69 has been made and assembled really well. Neck to body snug fit no gaps. Beautiful frets. Here in Australia I payed $1800.got changer battery.workbench usb adaptor hub. Variax lead. Allen keys.6.of them all different sizesizes. Sounds great. I have a USA fender stratocaster HSS with the HUMBUCKER made by Tim Shaw. They call it the shawbucker. It's a beautiful guitar. The variax is very nice to play. Love the neck being maple on both guitars love the satern feel. Here the USA Variax start at $6000.custom shop. Anyway love to here your reply thanks and I'll look forward to your input. Have a good day from Ron in Sydney Australia 2148
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