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  1. Hi Guys n Gals In February 2016 I bought a pre-loved Variax 700 electric in blue with PSU and power pedal. Also separately got a new Workbench interface from Yam UK. Downloaded the HD software in my ignorance, found it wouldn't work but the pre HD does with the 700 I have had a bit of a tinker around with W/Bench and its pre HD software. Now I want to know about tone patches, is it just a matter of saving them to my WIN10 PC then loading them into W/bench and then copying to my 700, button up / button down etc. May main music line is playing chords / rhythm in a ceilidh (Barn/Square) dance band in Northern Lincolnshire, England. Usually on a brilliant Freshman 12string acoustic with soundhole pickup. I'm getting a little tingling in my fretting index finger so wanted something with a slightly narrower fretboard but equally B-I-G sound. The 700 seems to fit really well. Another band I help sometimes, needs a more electric type of sound. Guess what, the 700 scores again. All the best and many thanks in advance and apologies if I posted in the wrong zone Chris 62yrs
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