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  1. Thank you all so much for the replies & advice! The first step is to get my patches backed up & that is the hurdle I am dealing with now. The comparable software version 1.03. is still available but it says it can't connect because I need 1.04 or later but my pedal is using 1.03 . I'm going to try all your suggestions , different USB , different computer and read links you posted. Really appreciate all of your time & help in replying :)
  2. Hi There, this is my first post :) I am trying to back up my Helix patches & install firmware updates....."gulp"... for the first time. Got it Dec 2015 so I am running version 1.03 on the helix & I am unable to get it to connect with my computer. I have tried downloading the compatible updater /software versions 1.03 and also tried 1.04. It just tells me that it can't connect or that I need version 1.4 or later. From what I have read I need to back up with compatible software before updating. I realize I have made a HUGE mistake not keeping up with updating and I REALLY don't want to lose all of my presets. I was so excited when I got it ...spent a ton of time making patches and then started using it at gigs and never looked back...lol! I have just been a happy camper all this time! UNTIL...Last weekend it went out on me when I engaged the EXP pedal from volume to wah in the middle of a gig. I got no output sound but the patches are all there and tuner was working so input was fine. Rebooting did not help. After rebooting the next day it works again though?!? I then, of course, realized that I need to back-up & update ASAP. I"m running on Mac os x El Capitan. Does anyone have any knowledge on what I should do first? I really appreciate any help or advice! Thank you so much in advance!
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