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  1. Codamedia, PierM and HonestOpinion, Thanks very much for your responses, all very helpful. I am looking into the impedance issue. Impedance was set to 'first block' in Global Settings and to Auto for each patch. I have volume in the first block of all my patches, so that shouldn't be changing the impedance from patch to patch. Still, I will try setting the individual patch impedances to a fixed 1m and see if that changes anything. I was able to get some trails to spillover convincingly, seems more pronounced with delays versus reverbs. Also, to clean up the transition I probably need to focus more on muting the strings before switching patches. Appreciate your help !
  2. Thanks, yes all single path, I don’t really ever find the need for more than one path. If you get a chance to test the spillover would be interested in your impression.
  3. I've tried this switching between patches with spillover turned on and would view it is a mild improvement at best. There still is a definite hiccup between volume matched presets....sort of like a very brief volume drop. Am I missing something ? Maybe there's a demo of this available so I can see/hear what to expect ?
  4. Thank you both ! Will try to find the windows file tonight and download that. I don't remember that I had a choice on the download screen.
  5. Hello Would appreciate any guidance on this. I currently have Native 1.0 installed and running fine on Cubase 9 Pro. I saw there was an update to Helix 1.10. I have downloaded the file HelixNative1.10.dmg but I do not know how to install the upgrade. When I initially instralled Native the installer package handled everything. With this upgrade there does not seem to be any executable. Thanks in advance !
  6. Perfect ! Thanks very much and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
  7. Does not appear to have come thru in the prior quote, but I was referring tomthe Behringer FC600 pedal.
  8. Hello there. Thanks for this post. Thinking of buy this unit and good to see someone has used it sucessfully with helix. Can you confirm exactly how you connect this pedal to your helix ? Do you use the pedals exp connection ? Also do you use a ts or trs cable ? Thanks ! I have a helix floor model.
  9. Can anyone from Line 6 comment on this ? I just go the L2t, and I'm using it with the Firehawk and have the same issue. I know the Firehawk doesn't have the L6 Link connection, but was considering getting the Helix. Would be nice to know if there is a way for the Helix to control the speaker mode setting, it is a real hassle having to reach around the back and change the mode to PA/Reference every time you turn it on. Or maybe there is a way to set the speaker so it doesn't automatically switch modes ? That way it stays in PA/Reference unless you switch it manually.
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