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  1. used a friends iphone and it updated fine... it works with my note4 as well... still a pain in the lollipop out of the box but now it seems to be good to go.
  2. ok just got this thing today and need to update it to get it to work with android. I dont have an IOS device so that option is a no go. Trying to update via PC/USB cable. First the updater didnt show the 75 in the device list, after about an hour looking on the forums found out that the driver needed to be updated before the utility will recognize the device. did that and it now shows up in the devices list. (noticed afterwards that this is mentioned while going through the update process on the line 6 updater but if your device isnt listed you wont get that far so that should be one of the first things you get notified on.) now device is listed wooo hooo... put the 75 in update mode, go through the utility annnnnnd update error... "please do not disconnect the USB cable or power down the device during update" uhm... no kidding? tried all the ports on my PC like all 8 of them and i only have one old school usb a/ usb b cable so what do i do now? everything i've seen is use an IPhone.. and if that doesnt work use a PC... so i'm asking a few people to use their Iphone but if that doesnt work and updating via PC is supposed to be the fall back plan what do i do? btw i work in IT this should not be this difficult esp if your target audience seems to be casual players. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  3. just got the 75 today... almost the same issue except it doesn't even show up in the device list for the updater. I knew I would have to update it to get it to work with android when i decided to buy it but this is a little ridiculous. I do have a friend with an Iphone and i'm going to get the firmware updated tomorrow. But two things i'd like to suggest to Line 6: First, make the device IOS/Android compatible from the factory, these have been in production for what two years now? Second, make the user manual an actual user manual not just a quick start guide. 300.00 and now i have to wait another day to be able to use the device.
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