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  1. I am not trying to stream anything! I don't stream music ever. The headset doesn't say it's bluetooth. It just says 2.4Ghz. But I would imagine it is because it only goes like 30 feet or so before it loses connection. When I first got the amp it never happened with the headset.. it only started doing this recently. Thing is there's nowhere to go and unpair the headset, because I never paired it in the first place. They should have an option in the Amplifi software to disable "Audio Playback". That will solve my problem. I will never use it.
  2. Do you have to pair something for it to work with the amp? I mentioned earlier that out of nowhere music starts playing from my cell phone to the amp. Well, now out of nowhere my computer sound starts coming out of the amp. I have a wireless headset. The Corsair Void SE Wireless. It doesn't do it all the time and I can't figure any way to stop it other than turning off the amp. Usually I'll listen to a song on YouTube or a guitar lesson while playing. But now I can't hear anything because the headset's on and the amp is playing instead.
  3. I think the forums have something to do with breaking the amp LOL. No sooner did I come here and post this topic, now I have connection issues again. Tonight it disconnected after a few minutes like 5 times. In order to get it to work again I had to turn off the amp and turn it back on and go through my whole process again.
  4. You know, when I got the Amplifi 75 it was a lollipop to get it updated and when I finally did I had bluetooth connection issues. I haven't been to the forums in awhile, because the problems sorted itself out. First off, how is the amplifier supposed to work? Am I supposed to turn the amp on and open the app and it connects to the amp automatically? It used to try and connect by itself through the Android app. I'd open up the app and it would keep trying usually unsuccessfully. I think it tried 3 times and gave up or something. It would do this by itself as soon as I opened the app. The other thing that used to happen is let's say I would get it to work and play for a bit and forget to turn the amp off and walk away. Or let's say I get frustrated because it doesn't work and I walk away. Either way I forget to turn the amp off and walk away.. let's say I take my cell phone in the bathroom to play YouTube while I shower.. out of nowhere I'd have no sound in the bathroom and I'd hear music coming out of my bedroom! Could be 30 seconds into a song, or 3 minutes, seemed random. It didn't even pop up the little connection message.. just all of the sudden switches to bluetooth speaker mode. Also when the bluetooth did work, I was getting frequently randomly disconnected. There have been no Android or firmware updates and out of nowhere it stopped trying to automatically connect and all my problems went away. What happens now is the amp turns on sometimes the blue light slowly flashes, sometimes it doesn't come on at all.. and does nothing when I open the Android app. The sequence of events I use is: press the bluetooth button on the amp to get it flashing rapidly, press settings, device selection, select the amp, hit OK at the message that pops up, wait 7 seconds or so, and boom it works. Since that time I never ever get any disconnects anymore. It never randomly turned on my bluetooth speaker mode, etc. Amp works 100% now with no issues. Just annoying to have to go through all the presses to connect it. Especially annoying if I accidentally back out of the app and have to do it all over again.
  5. If I search tones for Misfits there's a few results. Does anyone have any better tone settings to make a Misfits / Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein sound?
  6. I would not reply on bluetooth live either. I know it's probably "secure" to some degree, but it is a wireless signal and I wouldn't want some hacker in the audience changing my sound while I'm live.
  7. Especially on a product that's been on the market so long. Are you on Android or iPhone? After I had someone with an iPhone update my unit (took about 45 minutes over bluetooth) at least the unit worked. Getting bluetooth to connect for me doesn't always work, but once it's connected it has stayed connected. Others have reported losing connection out of nowhere. I only use mine for 10 minutes or less at a time, so maybe that's why I don't see the issues. I'm keeping it for now, but in a few months I'm going to switch to something similar from Fender. It's basically the same thing minus the bluetooth. You want to search and make your own tone, you can connect it via USB to your PC.
  8. USB cable. You can load in presets and they're stored there. You can select them from the unit. Some units have buttons, better ones have a screen.
  9. Now that the update worked for me, I think the only thing I am interested in seeing is bluetooth connectivity fixed. Every time I turn on the amp it seems I have to turn off and back on bluetooth in my phone for it to connect. I'd also be interested in a Windows app. I don't need bluetooth, it was just nice/neat to have. The Fender Mustang's come with a Windows app and no bluetooth. It works perfect.
  10. I think mid-march at least here in the United States. I was originally going to buy one, but they told me expected March 14th, so I just bought the Amplfi 75 instead.
  11. I think the solution is every time I want to use the amp I have to turn bluetooth on my phone off and back on to get it to connect. Kind of annoying since I play my guitar 5 or 10 times throughout the night, weekends maybe more than that. I play for 10 or 15 minutes at a time and break it up by doing laundry, watching tv, etc. I may keep this for a little bit until I get some money, but I'm probably going to get rid of this amp and go for one of the Fender Mustang amps. I had one previously. It doesn't have bluetooth, but it does hook to PC and it does have tones you can download and different amps you can model it after. It doesn't look anywhere near as sexy as the Amplifi, but the big thing with the Fender Mustang's? They work.
  12. Find someone with an iPhone. Updated worked perfectly for me, although it does take about 45 minutes. After that you should be able to connect with your Android, although for me the connection isn't good. Every time I go to use my amplifier, I usually have to turn bluetooth off and back on to get it to connect.
  13. Could you clarify what this means? "You need to make sure there are no other devices operating in the Bluetooth range of 2.4ghz. Items like other cell phones, iPads, etc.....anything that could possibly cause interference with the Bluetooth connectivity." My car is parked in the driveway and has bluetooth connectivity. Does it mean I should park the car down the block? Because my phone is paired to my car so I can make hands free calls if needed.
  14. I've got the Amplifi 75. I brought it to work today and had a friend do the update since he has an iPhone. It's now running 2.50.2. He unpaired himself and I was able to pair myself. Coming back later on, though, it doesn't always connect. I don't know what I did to get it to connect. One time I pressed the bluetooth button on the amp and it connected me somehow. Another time I switched the amp off and also turned off bluetooth on my phone. Then turned them back on. Another time I turned bluetooth off and on twice and it connected. Seems like every time I go in the software it's never connected. it shows up under Devices. and gives me a message about Reconnecting and reloading the presets or something, but it never works unless I do something which I mentioned in the above paragraph. I'm just not sure what I did. I've got a pretty top of the line phone, Nexus 6P running the latest Android. PS - I see Line 6 has other modeling guitar amps like the Spider.. but do they have any that can go online and search for user created tones the way this amp (and the Fender Mustang) does? I may sell this amp or try and return it and get something else. I'd rather not get another Fender Mustang, but if I have to I have to.
  15. I tested out by playing YouTube through the amp.. works. Only thing is that bluetooth seems to disconnect often. I see others on the forum having the same issue. Says "Amplifi Reconnect. Reconnecting and reading the presets".
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