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  1. Matt_Brown

    Keep Firehawk FX with new amp?

    You might want to post in the Firehawk forum. This is more for HD/Helix. I'm not aware that Firehawk integrates in the same way with the Line 6 amps. You could always try FRFR if you are happy with the Firehawk. That way you are just amplifying that.
  2. Matt_Brown

    bass pack

    They will be in the list of amps available if the licensing has been set up. Remember you are looking for the Line 6 names Cougar/SVT etc., not GK or Ampeg.
  3. Matt_Brown

    help no amp or cab

    I haven't 'upgraded' to Helix yet as I love the sound of my DT and am not convinced (yet) on the interaction (without going down the midi route).
  4. The only time I've seen the 'logo' is when the power is momentarily cut. The power pin in the Pod isn't being dislodged by the fact the vdi cable is up that end? Or is not pulling the unit?
  5. Matt_Brown

    DT25: mode 4 hum

    Mine hums...
  6. Maybe try the Helix forum? This is for DreamRig..
  7. Maybe try the POD Farm forum? This is for dream rig...
  8. I'm not really sure what you are doing or why you would want to. Sorry...
  9. Try the M13 forum? This is for DreamRig...
  10. Try the POD HD forum? This is for DreamRig....
  11. Matt_Brown

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    Nothing in the press about this....
  12. Matt_Brown

    Pod Farm 2

    I guess you should try the pod farm forum as this one is for Dream Rig...
  13. Matt_Brown

    DT50 HD500X config support

    I have a DT 25 and find that L6 gives the best sounds as you can change topology via the POD. Use your ears though as some of the amps (to my ears) give a better sound using a full sim rather than a pre SIM.
  14. Matt_Brown

    HD500 tones

    I've said this in other threads but I used to 'mod my POD' with a computer. I needed to make some changes on the fly (luckily at a rehearsal not a gig) and I couldn't/didn't know how to do it. I therefore learned how to craft a tone with the knobs on the POD and now I rarely connect it to a computer. I would say your are in a better position then most as you can learn to craft your tones straight on to the unit so won't have that 'oopps' moment...