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  1. Ooo, didn’t think of that as it’s over a year old. Thanks!
  2. Well, raised a ticket. Got told that as I can’t produce a receipt (I think I threw it out with the box when I was trying to save space (and love the Helix so much I knew I wouldn’t sell it)) I’m not covered. I did send a further email ‘appealing’ and then a chaser but they are ghosting me now. I guess the fact that I’ve got six of their products and been part of the beta testing programme counts for nothing. Ho hum. So, do I buy another Helix and sell the one I have to someone who won’t make use of the mic input and suffer the difference or get mine fixed when the verbal estimate (admittedly without seeing it) is “over £300”. Thoughts?
  3. Yes, only happens on mic. If I use xlr to Jack in Aux then mic works.
  4. Thanks, I’ve plugged into various amps, headphones and a pc. I’ve raised a ticket so let’s see. I’m in the UK so don’t know if I’m able to call support? Anyone know? Is that just for the US?
  5. Even done a global reset and that dosent fix it so expecting the patch will be fine - but thanks for offering to check @rd2rk! Open to other ideas but I'll try and raise a ticket. Thanks people. S3 GK.hlx
  6. Thanks @silverhead. Just checked but gain set to 21db so not been defaulted :-(.
  7. I have a Floor that’s about 2 years old. Always worked fine until yesterday. I have a lot of patches set up with three paths: one to FOH from 1/4, one to my amp from send 1 and a Mic path to xlr. I use a harmoniser and megaphone on this path from my vocal mic. At rehearsal the mic path was dead and after investigating it’s seems to be a problem with the mic input. I’ve tried daisy chaining the cables in and out (mic works) but as soon as I put the cables through the Helix I get nothing! Other inputs all produce sound. I don’t ‘think’ I’ve switched something and I’ve checked connections, paths etc and also tried to set up a new patch with just a vocal path and that doesn’t work either. Nor do patches set to use my condenser (powered) into my DAW (so I can’t record vocals :-(). Helix is kept in its padded backpack. Any ideas as to what I may have done or anyone had anything similar? Thanks!
  8. I think you will love the Helix. I took screen shots of my main patches on my 500x (edit software) and then cut my teeth on the helix by recreating them and they sounded great. Then I did some tweaking and liked them more! Next I got busy with the routing capabilities on the Helix and now the main patches I use have three paths: one with full amp Sims to go to FOH from the 1/4; one with the same effects (mapped to the same switches) with no amps that goes in the front of my amp from send 1 and another for my vocal mic through the xlrs so I can use a harmoniser/megaphone on my vocal. I mix and match what I plug in depending where I'm playing. Only seem to run out of DSP if I use the new 'poly' stuff
  9. Didn’t look like he was using a Variax - or indeed anything to do with a DreamRig...
  10. First off are you connecting Variax to Helix with VDI cable and Helix to DT with Line6 link? Also, if you can give a brief explanation of what isn’t working I’m sure someone here would help.
  11. Ah, ok. As a veteran of the HD forum I’m used to Pianoguy ripping the lollipop out of people asking stupid questions. I was struggling to see the stupidity of mine however. Indeed, I only replied as I’d had the same problem as the previous post and latched on to the fact mine could be more of a problem than the fact I have an old PC running new software. I guess it’s something I’ll (learn to) live with as the system is stable apart from this issue - and I actually like Cubase. Cheers.
  12. Thanks, yes I usually remember to shut Cubase first. Never happened with my pod 500x so when I "upgraded" to helix (only a couple of months ago) I wasn't thinking there would be a return to the sort of computer problems we had in the 90s. Not sure I get the crossing the road analogy. It's not like anyone dies when I forget. I just thought people were here to help with problems.
  13. I'm running Win 10 and use Cubase Elements. If I turn off the Helix or pull out the USB before quitting Cubase I get BSOD. Not using anything logitec as far as I know. All software/drivers up to date.
  14. The pic I saw didn't have a Variax port or line 6 link so no integration... Going for a new market (again).
  15. Try the spider forum in amps? Does anyone read the forum headings?
  16. The mixer should have a number of knobs on each channel that sends a signal out. These are usually labeled 'aux' or 'bus'. One for each band member is best as this allows each person to have their own mix. If you only have one or two you can still use in ears but you have to listen to the same thing (this usually leads to arguments ;-)). The headphones will need amplifying after the Aux. This is usually done by an in ears system so if you want to use your own buds you need to get a headphone amp. Hope this helps.
  17. Yes, you won’t get stereo unless you use two amps. 1. When using a DT you are using the power amp in the DT so you can use preamp models from the pod. However, use your ears and just use what sounds good to you. 2. I tend to use combo/stack power amp (emulating going in the fx loop) but again, see what sounds best to you. 3. Have fun!
  18. Cool. On the 500x I put an FX loop in the chain and send acoustic sounds from the FX send.
  19. I have a 500x so sorry if it's not the same but I create two similar signal paths, one with pre and one with full amp. L6 link to DT25 and left out of pod to pa. Tweak sounds as you like and voila...
  20. You might want to post in the Firehawk forum. This is more for HD/Helix. I'm not aware that Firehawk integrates in the same way with the Line 6 amps. You could always try FRFR if you are happy with the Firehawk. That way you are just amplifying that.
  21. They will be in the list of amps available if the licensing has been set up. Remember you are looking for the Line 6 names Cougar/SVT etc., not GK or Ampeg.
  22. I haven't 'upgraded' to Helix yet as I love the sound of my DT and am not convinced (yet) on the interaction (without going down the midi route).
  23. The only time I've seen the 'logo' is when the power is momentarily cut. The power pin in the Pod isn't being dislodged by the fact the vdi cable is up that end? Or is not pulling the unit?
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