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  1. Is this still the best setup for a VH4, channel 3? Thread from 2016... Or have any of the new models made better emulations?
  2. I got Helix because it's cheaper, familiar to me after coming from firehawk, interfaces with my Variax, had multiple reviews saying the UI was the easiest to use, and my band mate has one and honestly it's easier to have someone to share presets and tips with. It wasn't even a debate for me.
  3. Be able to easily set up DAW controller footswitch controls to apply quickly to presets/snaps without having to modify each one. Either where you can paste a tone into a preset which has DAW controller, or to be able to paste DAW controls into a preset. Alternately, you could put Helix into "recording mode" or something and you lose the ability to change tones, but your current tone now has full DAW compatibility. You couldn't change from Clean to Driven to Delayed, but you could get your Clean tone and have all the DAW functions. Then you could get your Driven tone, hit "record mode" and then you've got DAW control for your driven parts.
  4. Gotcha. Man, I think that having the ability to control the DAW and paste those controls in would really be sweet. But doing it one at a time, every time... not so much. Maybe it'll be in 3.0. Ha. I just got this box a few days ago, haven't touched Command Center before. I'll get on it, thanks again for posting that preset, super helpful!
  5. Using Helix XLR cable into mixer, then TS cable into JBL. Mixer is set flat. I love playing through the speaker, considering mic'ing up the JBL in order to try to record the sound I'm hearing, but that seems to go against the whole point of having amp/cab emulations and USB out recording!!
  6. Awesome, thanks. Yes, that's what I'm looking for! Precisely! So the two outstanding questions are: 1) Is it possible to add those controls on FS 8-11 to other existing presets or snaps? Keeping in mind that the preset of course can't have anything existing assigned to those FS. Either manually adding those controls to an existing preset one at a time, or by copy/pasting the tone path into the existing one you created? I basically don't want to have to recreate every tone from scratch in order to use this. I don't mind a little setup to make it happen, but not every single thing every time. Then it's just easier to keep using the mouse and keyboard! 2) If it's possible to do it, how do I do it myself? :) And yes, I know a large part of the answer is "read the manual, dummy". I'm ok with that, but pointers on "you need to do X, so look at Y and Z" makes my learning curve shorter!
  7. I am using Helix LT. Looking to have some switches (say FS 8,9,10,11) to be Play, Stop, Rewind, Record. And the other switches (FS 2-5) to either be snaps, presets, or stomps. Would be happy with any of those options. The Reaper template has the whole Reaper control section, but I don't see how to use those controls and record anything other than a dry signal.
  8. You'll have to forgive me, I'm new to helix! So do I assign a Reaper command (or multiple) into an existing preset or snapshot? How do I do that?
  9. I just found the YouTube Remote and Reaper templates. Awesome. But is it possible to use the Reaper controls and also have a preset or snapshot in there? I don't need tons of flexibility to be changing tones and everything while also having the Reaper controls accessible (but that'd be awesome). Just being able to paste in a preset or snap, even if I don't modify it while recording, would be enough for me.
  10. I have the exact opposite problem. Through my speaker (JBL eon 612) it sounds awesome. I have it in monitor mode, about 8 feet away, slight treble boost. But in headphones... uugghh. The cleans are good. Different than the speaker and I get that. More detailed for sure. No problem. But the distortion tones are just awful. Not just my presets, the factory ones, anything heavy, just terrible. Sounds like when you plug headphones into the output of a stomp box. I tried three different headphones, none super nice but still. Bad enough where I hate trying to practice with headphones. It doesn't make any sense, right? Why is that?
  11. I just sold my firehawk and bought an LT. Do I have to change user name??
  12. I just sold my FHFX and got a Helix LT. Do I have to change my username? Ha If I was in the same position in 2020 that I was in 2016 when I bought my FHFX (looking for an entry-level multi FX with amp and cab modeling and audio interface) I would buy the PodGo instead. Seems like in 2020 the PodGo is superior to the FHFX in most every way, with the exception of the VDI port.
  13. I have JBL Eon 612 (I know, not on your list). Main complaint is that it seems to smooth out the tone and maybe cut some of the high end when it's in flat mode. So I get it where it sounds great from the FRFR, but then it sounds harsh on headphones, etc. So I've had to adjust the FRFR to match the other output sources. Always hard to know which one to treat as the "true reference", right? I mean, unless you buy some nice real reference studio monitors, which I don't have but obviously would be the best thing. All that said, I really like having a FRFR instead of a traditional amp because I can run electronic drums, keyboards, vocals, multiple guitar, bass, backing track, etc, all through it and it sounds good.
  14. Will any regular usb-ethernet adapter work? Or do you need a special one? There's tons of USB to ethernet options available, but I've never tried then since I have my L6 adapter...
  15. If I'm on the road, can I just take my guitar, computer (reaper and Helix native), headphones, and interface (presonus audiobox) in order to play and do demos? I don't have native yet, and am not looking to use it to play live, but will be traveling for a few weeks and would like to use the time to be productive if possible, without hauling a Helix along. Is there delay when playing using headphones?
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