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  1. Hey my dear Helixers! I'm having a quite unusual doubt and not sure if this is ever possible to fix yet, but any thoughts are welcome! Is there a way to setup an individual preset to use 10 switches stomp mode (or even8) and another one with snapshot mode? So far I understand that these are global settings and it will boil down to my pedal workflow to make it happen separately, but just trying my luck.... Cheers Thyce
  2. Thank you so much mate!
  3. Hey fellow Hexilians! I just upgraded from POD XT Live and been playing around with Helix, yeah... I know I might be late for the party ;) but I'm glad to be back here! I'm trying to assign a controller to totally mute the second signal input and all the effects in it, already tried a few combinations but no luck... Also tried selecting all effects in the chain and bypassing them, but the I still get the clean guitar sound coming from the input. Does anyone have ideas how I could work around that? Thanks y'all!
  4. I second the suggestion of Ultex Jazz III, I've noticed a massive difference not only on the sound but also the grip and overall feel of the guitar playing experience. I hope all the advices in this forum helps you out in your journey bro!
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