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  1. I went with the black pickup, but wish I had chosen white! Which tuners did you use? Drop right in or any drilling? I'm thinking of doing the same.
  2. If you're in hx edit and you click "check for update"... And there is one... And you click to install it... Why would any user think that's not going to work? When there's a Windows patch, or antivirus definitions, or a Reaper update, or phone firmware, or anything else, does any average user do anything other than click "update"? When you click to update the firmware, why isn't there a prompt to say "hey buddy, looks like your hx edit is a different version than your helix. You won't be able to use the new features unless you update Edit, too! Want to update HX Edit?" Seems easy enough, plus it's a big win for user experience to not be frustrated, and I can only imagine the number of complaint tickets coming in right now...
  3. I restored to to the backup and everything worked fine. Then when I restarted the Helix it started updating automatically back to 3. Rebuilding the presets. Without any intervention from me. So now it's back to 3, even though I didn't try, and the Variax assignments through snapshots works. So I'm ok, but the whole thing was a little weird!
  4. My Variax settings per snapshot seem to have disappeared. F/W 3.0 Edit version 3.0 Windows 7 Helix LT Variax Standard My presets have snapshots with different Variax models. Snap 1 is Spank3, Snap 2 is Lester5, Snap 3 is Magnetics, etc. Since updating to 3.0 none of the snapshots recall those settings. Now the all Snapshots (with Variax as input) just shows whatever the knobs on the variax show. ie, if I have the knobs on Variax set to T model 1, then all the snaps in that preset shot Tmodel 1 as the Variax input.
  5. Yeah, I suppose. But then I'm in 10 stomp or 10 snap mode, right? Can have it in "4-snap; 4 Preset" mode? Just seems like an easy fix! "Enable Bank up/down LEDs to be on" !!
  6. The Matchless and Placater are awesome clean to middling tones. I love the Achetype versions for middle to heavy. Then Mahadeva and Solo for heavy (and some Cali). Those 5 amps are my go-to for starting anything. So much so that I use amp switching and snapshots more than effects, or at least as much as effects (Minotaur and Teemah primarily).
  7. I'm very happy with my pickup swap Using Helix I can have a preset use a model for one snapshot, then the new humbucker, then back to a model. It's really nice. The modification was fairly straightforward once I figured out which wires to solder, and which pickup to use. In retrospect perhaps a JTV 69 would have been the right call for me instead of a Standard and replacing the pickup. That said, I'm happy with the way it turned out. The palm muting/heavier sounds are so much clearer and tighter than the model. I do wish that L6 would release a HSS super-strat variax standard, but in the meantime this works very well. If you want HH, then going with a JTV59 is a better option IMO than modd'ing a Standard. Doing a HSH (with the single-sized humbucker) would be easy enough, though. I would just be wary of modifying things involving the switch, combined tones, etc. Unless you REALLY know what you're doing. otherwise, stick to drop-in replacements.
  8. What about trying what silverhead suggested above? I just gave it a whirl and seems ok! For my setup I don't want a blend, but I might mess around with it later.
  9. Nice, thanks. There's a few ways to do this, good to have some tricks. I hadn't thought about using the merge mix, that's a good way. Cleaner than using volume blocks. And the volume pedal with reversed volume to blend them is cool. Doesn't work for this preset but I'll keep that in mind. I also like the Variax volume knob method. So many ways to skin the cat. I've got snap 1 as a clean T model, 2 as Spank with some gain, 3 my hot rail bridge magnetic, then 4 Lester for lead. 1 and 2 go to Placater clean, 3 and 4 go to Soldano dual cab (L/R split). Pretty sweet too be able to do all that in one preset!
  10. What's the best way to have a preset with one snapshot using Variax model and another snap with the Variax magnetic? Like, Snap1 is modeled Acoustic, Snap 2 is Spank, Snap 3 is variax magnetic, Snap 4 is modeled Lester. Right now I have to use two input chains with separate volume controls so I can zero out the magnetic on one snap, then zero out the Variax modeling on the other snap. Or is there some more elegant way?
  11. You can use it, but you will be mandated to wear a mask while doing so. Also, the 3.0 release will officially be renamed as a Super Shredder Event.
  12. I wouldn't think so, I'd imagine that the power to the Variax would be on the same pins as power to the foot controller. Since power comes from Helix and firehawk to the Variax, too, it would make sense to replicate the same pin layout on all the gear. But that's just guessing.
  13. Perfect, thanks. Got mine used, no tools included, but a 3/16 Allen did the trick.
  14. Not really "problem" per se. Some of my presets/snaps do not have all the pedals lit up. In fact, with Preset/Snaps, sometimes only 1 or 2 switches are illuminated. When it's dark or I'm looking peripherally it's not always immediately apparent where the other switches are. Having a :curb" or "side of the road" would make it easier. I'd probably have FS1 and FS7 always on, white. That way I'd have a better reference. Again, not really a problem, but also if the LEDs are there, why NOT give someone the ability to have them on or off if they want? It's probably a few lines of code and an option from Global: "Have Bank Up/Down illuminated? Y/N" Could do the same with Mode. I'd have those on all the time for "guardrails" so I could have a better idea of what I'm looking at when it's dark.
  15. Unless one of the many firmware updates had made this possible. I'll take that as a "nope, no good fix or workaround. Maybe in 3.0! Or put it into idea scale!" :)
  16. Any update to this problem? I guess an option is to buy the barefoot switch covers or something, but it'd be nice to be able to use the LEDs!
  17. How much force should be required to use the expression pedal? When I push down the heel, the entire board lifts up of the floor. Just a little, but still. Seems a little tight. Is there a way to adjust the tension?
  18. How different are the ir on each path? Just mic or entirely different cabs?
  19. Is this still the best setup for a VH4, channel 3? Thread from 2016... Or have any of the new models made better emulations?
  20. I got Helix because it's cheaper, familiar to me after coming from firehawk, interfaces with my Variax, had multiple reviews saying the UI was the easiest to use, and my band mate has one and honestly it's easier to have someone to share presets and tips with. It wasn't even a debate for me.
  21. Be able to easily set up DAW controller footswitch controls to apply quickly to presets/snaps without having to modify each one. Either where you can paste a tone into a preset which has DAW controller, or to be able to paste DAW controls into a preset. Alternately, you could put Helix into "recording mode" or something and you lose the ability to change tones, but your current tone now has full DAW compatibility. You couldn't change from Clean to Driven to Delayed, but you could get your Clean tone and have all the DAW functions. Then you could get your Driven tone, hit "record mode" and then you've got DAW control for your driven parts.
  22. Gotcha. Man, I think that having the ability to control the DAW and paste those controls in would really be sweet. But doing it one at a time, every time... not so much. Maybe it'll be in 3.0. Ha. I just got this box a few days ago, haven't touched Command Center before. I'll get on it, thanks again for posting that preset, super helpful!
  23. Using Helix XLR cable into mixer, then TS cable into JBL. Mixer is set flat. I love playing through the speaker, considering mic'ing up the JBL in order to try to record the sound I'm hearing, but that seems to go against the whole point of having amp/cab emulations and USB out recording!!
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