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  1. Sounds great but for the life of me I cannot find the download link
  2. As an aside, I've had various Amplifi's (and still have the TT as it's very versatile unit and can bluetooth music etc to it), plus had HD500 and HD Pro X but the Helix Rack is SIGNIFICANTLY better. I mean it's unfair to even start to compare as the Helix (especially with the new 3.0 firmware) is RIDICULOUSLY better. My advice, find a workaround as the benefits of the Helix blow the HDs out of the water! Seriously, get one!
  3. So it's on when pressed down and off when not? As opposed to a toggle?
  4. Oh and here is the technique to build big custom verbs explained, please like his post! The patch can be downloaded for free here : http://www.yeatzeeguitar.com/product/yeatzee-guitar-modverb-free-sample/ What a legend!
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before, but just wondering if there is anything I need to know about what footswitches are supported by the Helix Rack. I'm looking for a simple 1 or 2 button Footswitch, any suggestions? Thanks as ever :-)
  6. I’ve found the Reverb’s on the Helix work best in a the method where you effectively build you own reverb. So, add a split A/B then run a reverb, chorus, delay, reverb in the B path. That was the chorus and delays only happen in the first reverb tails, then the last reverb blends it all together. Also the Ambient Verb patch in the factory presets kinda works well if you turn on the first 4 ReverbS and run them in series! The Helix has such flexibility and power that it is possible to dream up and try things out like making you own custom reverb from whatever takes your fancy. Plus I don’t think the base verbs are that bad. having said that there is something magical about the Lexicon algo so will keep a lookout for a PCM81 or more ideally PCM91. Of course there is nothing to stop one using the Lexicon reverb and have you own chorus etc in the tails using the technique above. Thanks for your input and hopefully this thread is useful for others.
  7. yep that fixed it thanks. It’s certainly an interesting plugin but not sure it’s really what I’m after, looking for nice washes etc for solo finger style/ambient stuff. Will continue to tinker and thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Looks very interesting, installed but doesn't seem to appear in Logic :-(
  9. Hi, this might be a contentious question but curious to get the communities thoughts on how the Helix can compare to a Lexicon reverb device like the MPX1 or PCM91 SPECIFICALLY when it comes to hall and bigger ambient wash type reverbs. I appreciate that those Lexicon units are older and had dedicated hardware but have been playing with the cool Mod Verb technique (must find the original post/video) but In essence it’s a technique that means you can built a custom/more complex verb with the Helix that can closely approximate or even surpass the Lexicon verbs. This is not intended to start a flame just very interested in verbs as have a Lexicon MPX1 and love the idea of a Lexicon PCM91 but also think the mod verb approach is pretty tasty too. So a bit of an open ended question and not expecting an answer per se but more hoping for an open discussion. thanks all
  10. ruperthawkes

    Boss DD6

    Perfect thank you! Was after the basic mode will give that a go :-).
  11. ruperthawkes

    3.01 Update

    I’m running 3.00 but when I do check updates in Hx Edit it says there are none. What stupid thing am I doing?
  12. ruperthawkes

    Boss DD6

    Hi what’s the closest Helix delay to the Boss DD6? Thanks
  13. WOW! Stereo widener and acoustic sim. And that's without checking out the load of other cool features. THANK YOU LINE6! So glad I bought the rack :-)
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