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  1. WOW! Stereo widener and acoustic sim. And that's without checking out the load of other cool features. THANK YOU LINE6! So glad I bought the rack :-)
  2. can you send a link to one?
  3. I’m using a Helix Rack. Using digital output is 48khz and connected to Scarlett 18i20 via the RCA digital socket. If I have the clock set to internal or external in the Scarlett control I sometimes get loud pop/short crackle in my speakers. I’m using Logic Pro and project is set to 48khz. Wondering if I should the analog outs, will the sound quality be much lower? Any ideas on how to resolve? Thanks.
  4. Can you see the Helix Rack global options in HX Edit? Cannot see it anywhere! Thanks :-)
  5. Would be nice if they added a display of the DSP load of each DSP for the Rack.
  6. Thanks, it’s the Helix Rack and it’s about 1 metre away from Scarlett. So cool you can change the output from line to instrument . Think a balanced 1/4 “ to XLR sounds like the best option.
  7. Is the guitar thru buffered a simple mono 1/4 socket? Is it balanced? What cable should I use to connect to Scarlett? Is it a line out or should I connect to an instrument in on my Scarlett? Thanks!
  8. That’s not stereo is it, it’s legacy
  9. Shame they don’t document these cool features!
  10. I’m not using an amp/cab as using acoustic guitar so just mic pre amp, eq, gain, verb etc
  11. I wanted one for the helix not in DAW
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