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  1. Hi, I use a PowerCab Plus 112 and like the idea of adding a second in future when gigs pick up again. I originally started using it with a Helix Floor via L6 Link but have recently started using HX Stomp. I've not yet found an answer to this question though - and I suspect it will be "no" but I'd love to know from anyone who's tried or has insight: Is it possible to feed audio to the 1st PC+ from HX Stomp, and perhaps control speaker models with MIDI, but then when appropriate for the gig add a 2nd PC+ by daisy chaining it from the 1st PC+ via L6 Link? I will mostly be using Speaker Modelling mode, and like the idea of being able to daisy chain in this way (even with the 2nd PC+ acting purely as a slave - copying the behavior of the 1st PC+), and not needing to preserve a 2nd audio output from HX Stomp for this occasional purpose. The alternative is perhaps to split the output from Stomp on the pedal board (either with multiple Outs or Sends, or perhaps an ABY box) and additionally control the 2nd PC+ with MIDI also...
  2. Thanks for the reply and explanation. i was guessing this was the case through the behaviour I was seeing, but was hoping there was some way round it. i think the answer for me will be to create a custom Variax bank for my main guitar models, so I’ll get it to default to a Lester bridge sound on my main patches but put a couple of other sounds within easy reach via the toggle switch. Shame that the desired behaviour is not possible. i wonder if Helix can do it... might investigate but don’t fancy upgrading just yet. thanks again. :-)
  3. Good suggestion - keeping this in mind but haven't found any evidence of it. Line 6 were quick to respond to a ticket I raised and seemed to indicate that their best guess was that it was some corrupt patches. I've completely refreshed the unit and reloaded my setlist... and so far so good. Hopefully that'll be the end of it, but it's the first issue I've had in years of using these units.
  4. Hi - hoping this will work for me. I have JTV and HD500x. I want the pod to force the model on a few patches but when I switch back to the patches with "don't force" I want the JTV to revert to the model selected on the model dial on the guitar. I like to use the JTV's model selector manually with my main patches, so these are set up to "don't force" the model. Therefore if I feel like using a Les Paul or a Strat, it behaves like that guitar across all of my main 4 patches. But I'm also setting up some specific acoustic patches with different signal routing etc. and I find that when I switch back to the main patches, the JTV stays on the Acoustic setting, even though the Lester setting (for example) has been selected on the guitar since before I changed to the acoustic patch with the pod. Is the answer therefore to set the VDI Input to non-JTV for the main "Don't Force" patches? Will that solve the issue? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply hurghanico. Please could you describe the symptoms you experienced as part of the POD malfunctions? Do they match closely with either of the things I experienced? Thanks
  6. Hi. Hoping someone may be able to guide me. I've been using HD500X for a few years (with DT25). Recently I decided to start using JTV over VDI. I had a couple of issues at 2 gigs in a row this weekend. 1: When I powered the unit up for the start of our set at Gig 1 it appeared normal, and then within a few minutes of starting up, twice in quick succession it appeared to go back to the "Line 6" logo start up screen and I momentarily lost signal. This was not the first time I'd gigged with the VDI, but was the 1st time I'd gigged with additional patches where the POD was controlling the tuning. it was strange and made me very nervous for the the duration of the gig, but ultimately the POD performed as normal thereafter. 2: Before the 2nd Gig I plugged the POD into Monkey to see if any updates might be required. Only some drivers needed updating - Flash was all up to date. So I saved my setlist, did the update and then reloaded my setlist onto the POD and headed to the gig. Things started well, but during the 1st set something weird happened: I stepped on preset 1B halfway through the set, only to find that the POD had copied preset 1A onto 1B. I now had 2 identical patches and had lost my original preset 1B which I had been using just fine in the previous song. Fortunately, I had taken my laptop with me to the gig "just in case" of any issues, so after the 1st set I reloaded a set list from a few gigs earlier (where the POD was not controlling the tuning - as this was the only real change I'd made before I started getting issues) and made some changes to the main patches I was using in order to try to reduce the DSP being used, just in case this was causing any of the issues. Never had this happen before and thought it was strange and worried me. Can anyone please help me: 1: Explain what may have caused this? 2: Anyone definitely had this exact thing happen to them before? 3: I'm thinking some sort of Reflash/Factory Reset would be sensible - has this been shown to be the solution to these symptoms? Everything I've seen re: DSP suggests that the system will flag issues when creating the patch rather than let me create and use something that won't work properly. Seems strange that if DSP is the reason, it would let me use it fine for half the gig and then make random unwelcome changes on my behalf... trying to figure out if my unit has developed a fault, or if this set up will simply be unreliable and I may need to either give up on the Dream Rig set up, or think about going to Helix (which although I'd love, does not yet have DT25 integration, and I struggle to justify the outlay given the limited number of sounds I actually need/use, and the POD - in theory - pretty much does all that I need). Any help welcome!! Many thanks in advance!
  7. Actually I did recalibrate the pedal, and that does seem to have fixed it - was about to post a quick update, and saw your message here... great minds think alike! Many thanks for the reply.
  8. Just updated from POD HD500 to POD HD500X, and discovered a problem with the wah. I copied the .h5s files across to a new folder, and edited the file extensions to be .5xs. Downloaded the setlist to the 500X and all appeared to load up okay. Got to the gig and all sounded fine, until I stepped on the wah. Seemed that the wah was turning on with the toe switch as expected, but the expression pedal didn't move the sweep of the wah from min to max as it normally would. I can correct this, obviously, but just wondered if that was a known thing, if others had experienced it, and if there are any other nasty little surprises to look out for? Thanks!
  9. Thanks psarkissian, I'll bear that in mind. Also, I tweeted Line 6 on this and asked if they had a trouble shooting resource... they kindly replied and said to go here, which between work and gigs, I've not had chance to do yet... I'll try to get time soon to go through the steps suggested. Cheers!
  10. I am getting incredibly frustrated with this USB hub. It doesn't work reliably. Sometimes it will connect and I can update (Monkey) or edit (Workbench) - other times, for no reason I can find, it will not. Got both green lights on - but it won't work. So no idea if this new work bench is any good. The only tip it ever gives you is "try disconnecting the USB cable and try again"... I've got the 1/4 inch jack connected, I've tried swapping the VDI cable for another cable.... Nothing works. In my opinion it really shouldn't be this difficult. :( :angry: :unsure: Any help gratefully received. Thank you.
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