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  1. Here I am :-) Actually I'm surprised that I get an answer after 5 years!!! Meanwhile I own an Helix. (But I haven't really checked, if I have the same problem with the Helix.) The point is: The pod stores the status of the Variax (model or magnetic pickup active) with the preset also if (Don't force) is chosen. As far as I could see the videos doesn't cover deactivating modeling at all. Nevertheless thanks a lot for you help. Great to get such support in this forum :-) Regards Wolfgang
  2. Hi, Is there any support of the Pod HD for the powercab L6 LINK interface planed (inclusive of switching power cab presets to use IRs)? Regards Wolfgang
  3. Hi, I prefer to provide a mono signal to the PA. Currently I'm using the 1/4 outs with a DI box. Is there any way to get always a mono signal out of one XLR without having a mono effect in each and every preset? Regards Wolfgang
  4. When performing, how do you select tones? B. To some extent also A but I prefer to push the buttons in the first row ;) How do you manage your presents before a gig? B. How do you use setlists (if at all)? A.
  5. I also struggle a lit bit with the "Don't force" option. I also have recognized that the preset stores if the mag are activated or deactivated when I select "Don't force". (http://line6.com/support/topic/7902-how-to-avoid-to-switch-jtv-mag-models-although-dont-force-is-active/) Therefore I would suggest to provide a "Use JTV Setting" option, which means it use either the current model or the mags if the are currently active when I navigate to this patch. Wolfgang
  6. Hi, I have opened a ticked but no answer yet :( Have anyone else the same problem or are you all fine with the "Don't force" behavior? Thanks and Regards Wolfgang
  7. Unfortunately this doesn't work :( Tried it with 300/500/700 Acoustic and Bass. Still the state of model activation is stored with the preset.
  8. Only to make my problem clearer: My main issue that I don't see an option that the JTV is not controlled by some presets! At least the presets activate or deactive JTV models!
  9. Hi, I have the following problem: I would like to control my JTV for some presets on the HD500x. But although I have chosen "Don't force" for other presets they still store if the mags or the model should be used! But actually this is not what I want! I would like to have presets which change the JTV settings and others which really change nothing on the JTV. Have already someone solve this problem or are you all fine with this behavior? Regards Wolfgang
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