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  1. Very interesting topic, assigning footswitches. There are quite of a few work arounds for assigning parameter changes to footswitches. Even using the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT then CC changes! This MIDI solution seems to be the only one for adding a programmed looper switch. Line6, please make it simpler to add a parameter change such as stop, start, play once to ANY footswitch 'outside' of looper page. Also just a smidge of memory would be nice to recall a few loops? Say 2 minutes or even if possible, accessing USB INPUT for added memory recall. My solution thus far for assigning multiple 'assignments' to a footswitch is to add a duplicate or similar effect, such as a delay. This allows you to have a 'multiple2' or 'multiple3' type switch but still control, say the delay discretely. I believe a lot of users here are doing this because of the latency you have when switching patches. Otherwise you could solve many problems merely by adding a lead without delay and modulation patch. I tried this but alas go too much latency to where it annoyed me. Probably wouldn't matter too much live, but annoyance enough to try other work arounds. Would like to hear other solutions to multiple effects being turned on and off with one footswitch.
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