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  1. Ok..my learning curve just took a weird spin. I bought the amp I've been talking about from a band mate who told me it was a 150 watt amp. He is a Marshall snob, so didn't really pay much attention. He got a good deal on the Spider, and passed it on to me.So...it turns out it's a HD75 NOT a 150. Well, I still enjoyed the tone, and I think the price was right. I got the head and the 4X12 cab for $100, so I bought it. So, now I'm wondering, are there more than one type of Spider III (3) HD75 heads? Cause I've read reviews and posts that refer to the "Red" and "Green" channel, and song pre-sets, which I thought were only on the 150. Mine has no LED screen. It has four amp buttons, and two effects knobs. I'm NOT complaining, but I am curious. Did they upgrade the Spider III's while they were in production? Where can I go to find out how to get the most from this amp. The online Pilots Guide I have found is pretty limited. Thanks again, SXHAWK
  2. Thanks for the help! I've never done anything stereo in a guitar rig, so I was definitely in the dark. But, that IS disappointing about the tech support. The amp I'm retiring is a discontinued brand name, and mine was made by the company that got bought out. I can still call the parent company and get a human to talk to me. I guess if I could hear that great customer service in the amp's tone, I wouldn't be trying to upgrade, huh? Anyway, as usual, many thanks! SXHAWK
  3. I've posted here once before and got invaluable info, thanks guys. I have a couple more questions I just bought a used Spider III HD 150 Half Stack. In fact, I haven't even taken delivery. I played it, loved it, and bought it, picking it up this weekend. So, most of my experience is from what I have read online. TWO QUESTIONS: The amp is 150 watts, "stereo", or, 75 watts per side. So, is it ever putting out a full 150 watts in the sense of how a 150 watt mono amp would? Does Line 6 offer free technical support to users who purchase their equipment used? If not, is paid tech support available? If so, is it expensive? Okay, THREE questions. No...three and a half, sorry. I look forward and thank y'all (I'm Southern) in advance for any help you can give me. Sincerely, SXHAWK
  4. Wow! I was sure I read about the amp needing a firmware update. BUT...that is really good news to me. At this point, I was only considering the foot switch for the upgrades. I actually like the tone the amp produces now. I've talked to a couple G/C techs since I posted this. They agreed with me that it would be unlikely that the tone would "go bad" for lack of firmware updates. So, since it can't be updated anyway, I'm even less worried. Obviously, the full foot board or even the short one, would be a great addition to the rig, but, I can make it do what I need it to right now without it. It's good to know I can enjoy it as is and think about the pedal later. Thanks for the help. I'm sure I'll need you guys' expertise again. SXHAWK
  5. Thank you! Thank you! I am VERY new to Line 6. I would not even be an owner, but, I got this amp for a ridiculous price. I do have another concern, though. i hope I can get help from this forum on it. I have read about "firmware updates". One article said the amp began to lose its tone, and the solution was to update the firmware by downloading it. However, they said the only way to get the update was with a foot switch. I don't see me adding a $200 to $300 to this investment. That would represent well over 100% of what I have invested now. Here are my questions: Is my amp gonna get crappy down the road if I'm unable to get new firmware? Is there an alternative to purchasing the (un-affordable for me) foot switch? Thanks again for the info. So far, the amp's tone is amazing. It is a REAL upgrade for me. I've been using a totally "consumer priced" amp. I sincerely hope this amp will be a big part of my sound for a long time to come. SXHAWK
  6. I am new to this forum, and to Line 6 products. I have recently purchased a Spider III HD 150 Half Stack, with the Line 6 4X12 cab. I understand the head is stereo, 75 watts per side. What I am not clear about, is connecting to the cab. Is it possible to get the full 150 watts? Is it possible to run MONO. I read somewhere that you have to connect two cables from the amp to the cab, or risk damaging the amp. Is that true? The online manuals I have found did not address this. Is there somewhere I can access a better users manual? Any help y'all can give me about correctly using this AWESOME amp, would be appreciated. Thanks, SXHAWK
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