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  1. Hello people. I just bought a line 6 hd 500, i was playing on a POD 2.0 (the bean) and it´s so crazy screaming like a demmon, so i was wonder, if this bean sound like this, how can be the sound of a hd500? so i bought it.... But .... one of two, or i´m so silly to configurate this one or my amp is not giving the goal..... My Amp is a line6 spider 4 120... i hace been watching videos, i read the manuals.... and i can´t to fine the right sound for a distortion for death metal.... The mine is so dirty.... i´m searching for crunch, weight and definition.... somebody over here posted a setting for download.... i did it and its works fine, but...i´d like to try something better.... There someone who share some configurations for download and i could try this ones? Thanks
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