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  1. Thank you kmoed. I kind of thought that was the case. It was really dumb not to implement full MIDI. How hard would that have been to do.
  2. I have a M9 that I used mostly for modulation some other effects. I also have a TC Electronic Nova drive that has a MIDI input. Can I use the M9 to change the presets on the Nova drive? Because of the layout, they are hard to reach to change the presets. If it can, how would iIsetup the MIDI changes. Thx,
  3. I still have a POD XT Live system. I also have and iPad 3 with a USB adapter. Can I plug the POD into the iPad using the adapter? Will it hurt the iPad or just not work? Would I be able to see the POD in my DAW on the iPad. I am using Cubasis. Thanks.
  4. I purchased a Focusrite that works with the iPad and a PC/MAC. Can I use this interface with Mobile POD or does if have to be a Line6 interface? Thx.
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