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    Helix FAQ

    Line 6 normally doesn't allow them to finance Line 6 gear. The 24 month thing ends for Line 6 stuff June 30, which I assume is before any models outside of the Plexi are demo'd.
  2. nathanbcook

    Helix FAQ

    On Sweetwater's product page the USB port says "USB audio interface with re-amping". Can you explain how this works? The HD series fails terribly with reamping (convoluted process and not exactly noise free) and I'm curious as to how easy/noise free this process is with the Helix. I'm expecting that you would have to go something along the lines of Interface SPDIF out > Helix > Helix SPDIF OUT > Interface SPDIF in to avoid the A/D & impedence conversions (thus reducing noise), but would like to know your recommendations. Also, when can we expect to hear sound samples outside of the Plexi model? Before Sweetwater's 24-month financing ends?
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