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  1. Well excuuuuuse me for voicing the opinion of someone who's actually spent time touring and knows what he needs to do a job. I've been a touring pro. I've paid $2,000 per channel for top quality wireless gear back when that's just what it cost. Not digital. No fancy VDI stuff. Just a single channel analogue UHF wireless system in one direction - $2,000. I bought 8 channels of it. And after spending about $20K on that system, with all the antenae merging gear and a high end flight case, they go and give the 800MHz wireless spectrum to TV, making my gear illegal to use and therefore completely worthless, overnight. So when someone asks if I'd pay $1,000 for a 3 channel, digital system that allows all of the VDI functionality wirelessly, I say yep, I'll have one of those any day of the week and twice on Sunday's. Line 6 is asking who wants one. I'm just putting my hand up. If that bothers you then feel free to take your head out of your butt and realise that nobody is forcing you to buy it. If Line 6 don't make it well, that's life.
  2. Yep, I'd buy that. $1,000 is a little steep but you've got a captive market here with the VDI protocol. I've already paid about $5,000 for the Helix rack, foot controller and JTV (I'm in Australia so we get screwed royally on these things). What's another grand to make it all integrate perfectly without tripping over cables? So just make it already.
  3. I would definitely support an auto engage style thing for expression pedals.
  4. I would definitely like to have the auto engage function on expression pedals.
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