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  1. You guys are great! Now I have a very good idea re: this thing's capabilities for use. All 3 of my current amps have loops and I have a pair of Hifiman HE400i phones. Plenty of options...when I get around to THAT part of the hobby, lol. JK. I will start watching for pa speakers as well. Thanks again everyone. I have to say, I wouldn't have bought one of these, but it sure sounds great now that I have another one and am really listening to it!
  2. I only play at home. Blues, blues rock, some more modern rock so a bit of a metal feel at times. Won't be recording with it. Thought of trying in front of a CLEAN set amp? Guess I'll just have to try it and see. Perhaps I'll look for a cheap powered monitor of some kind. Also, I'll try the efx loop returns?
  3. Hi folks. I just took an HD300 in as part of an amp trade. I love fooling around with these things. Never got serious. Now however, in my old age... Anyway, mine seems to have no 'toe switch' under the front of the expression pedal. Is it a physical switch that's supposed to be there or just a contact switch. Can't seem to calibrate the pedal. Next question is: where would I enjoy the sounds of this thing the most...in front of my tube amps? Through my nice headphones? Through a powered speaker? Any help, opinions, arguments, advice, criticisms are most welcome! Thanks!!
  4. If I use my headphones connected to my X3 Live to listen to online backing tracks, it will work for a few minutes and then drop out. Anyone else have this problem? I can, of course, still hear my guitar, but not my computer. Anyone have any clues as to why this happens or hints/tips on how to fix the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really like to jam along with online backing tracks and listen through my headphones or amp. BTW I'm running Windows 7.
  5. New user here. I recently acquired a used Floor Pod Plus. I'm wondering exactly how do you download and file a new tone from the library here and how many can my Pod store? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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