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  1. I recently downloaded the Line 6 Monkey and Gearbox application so I could use a USB cable to connect with online mixing apps such as Reaper. It worked but in doing so it downloaded software into my PODxt that now no longer sounds the same as the original Match D-30 setting which had become pretty much exclusively the setting I ever used. With my Crate amp it made a nice sound with my front single coil pickup for playing things like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jimi Hendrix. Not real overdriven and nice for strumming combined with solos. Now with the new software it sounds all weird and I'm bummed because I loved that setting. Does anyone know how to get the original sound back. I note that with the download four new options appeared at the bottom of my screen : manual amp gate eq I'm really not even sure what they do but have tried various combinations of them and still can't get the same sound. Originally with the Match D-30 untweaked setting, I only added what was added by pushing the delay button. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I like to play, but not so good with the techie stuff.
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