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  1. Just wanted to give a big "shout-out" to cbrillow for being such a great resource here! I had been searching (off and on) for a Line 6 XPS-AB pedal or replacement alternative for literally months. I play live extensively with a JTV69 and a Standard and wanted a backup to my original XPS-AB pedal, especially since I didn't really want to have to worry about charging batteries. Luckily, I found his post. Not only did his solution totally work for me, he was also kind enough to answer some of my incredibly "smooth brained" questions. If I could build this solution, believe me, ANYONE can do this. Disclaimer - I'm just a guitar player with no technical background in electronics. I'm just sharing my experience. I'm NOT telling anyone to go out there and do this because I don't want to be held responsible if things aren't followed properly :-)
  2. Wow! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this info!! I've been trying to find a solution for about six months and am hoping this is it. I use a Variax JTV69 and a Standard professionally and don't like having to worry about batteries dying on stage. However, I'm pretty smooth-brained when it comes to electronics. I found the board (on Amazon) that was recommended in an earlier post but I'm not clear on wiring it as well as how to connect it to a TRS cable and a power supply. If you could provide any advice, I would be SUPER grateful.
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