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  1. thanks for the reply. no warrantee worries here. i dont use this amp much. it sounds fine. What do you think about putting the greenback into a deluxe reverb i play blues with?when ever that is!
  2. I only used it out once since the swap it sounds fine in tbe house but i forgot i did it. When i saw it yesterday i searched and found my own thread and a vague answer! Thanks for the response. Ill swap it back before i use it out. B
  3. I replaced the 30 watt 4 ohm Line 6 celestion with a 25 watt 8 ohm greenback.to boost the output Im running a pedal pre input jack. I use the FBV to change channels and use the blues and clean mostly. Any thoughts or comments will be helpful.
  4. I was suspect about the input connector when I received my G10 in July. I have been treating it gently but last week on a gig the connector came loose 2x's and suddenly I was out of the mix. Kind of hard not to notice in a trio. Afterward the leader told me I need to have my equipment up to par if he was going to hire me in the future. How unfortunate that this crappy mini plug is going to cost me work. All my equipment is top notch and vintage equipment is serviced when used on gigs. I really like this unit and was an early purchaser and waited for it to come available. I just hope that they fix this issue in gen 2 and offer some type of trade to us early adopters.
  5. All very good points guys. Maybe they can upgrade the base and replace it under warrantee
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