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  1. Hello everyone. I have a Line 6 Spider Valve 112 40 watt Bogner. The volume problem can be quickly cured simply by turning down the channel volume (not gain). Seems like a design or user issue to me. The problem is, that on my used Bogner Valve amp, someone before me OR factory presets are saved with the channel gain set to max, therefore the Master volume needs to be turned down so low that the Master volume pot on mine is scratchy between 0 and 1. Even at 1, it blows my brains out. So, if you have the time, resave EVERY memory location (stored presets) with the channel volume at 3 or thereabouts, then you can set the Master volume to about 4-5 for a nice tube sound. Just remember that as soon as you change presets, or the 1 through 4 channel, the output volume will change. Have fun, please do experiment with Channel volume AND master volume settings!
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