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  1. Amplifi 75 (current firmware); iPhone 8 ios 11.2.1; Amplifi 2.6.02: I had recently thought the performance of the BT connection and iphone app syncing with amplifi 75 had improved, until randomly now, I cannot connect to amp. BT connection is fine but App won’t sync with Amp. I’ve tried all typical troubleshooting steps. Finally reconnected after rebooting phone, amp, stopping/starting BT, “forgetting†BT connection/reconnecting. How long will it work though? I’ve been through this countless times in last two years. I still like the amp when it’s working but am really tired of the challenges. Can’t tell you how often I lose inspiration by the time I get the rig up and synced. As a bonus now, all of the sounds Ive saved are all duplicated 8-10 times. A mess!
  2. You're doing better than me. I can't use backing tracks at all since installing iOS10 (iPhone 6). Works fine on my iPad though that I haven't updated. Maybe it's just an amplifi app issue that will be corrected when it is updated. I hope so, because I too like to let the tracks play through.
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