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  1. When I go into the edit screen, then turn the NAV button exactly like the instructions tell me to, nothing happens. I have updated to the latest firmware on both the receiver and transmitter. Second Line 6 product that has broken on me in a month! Please help... this is not good.
  2. I have had the same thing with bluetooth dropout issues, the ios app crashing and restarting, or crashing half way through a song (ugggghh!), and the app still shows "Device Not Connected" when it is actually connected. This is a great setup to use with my Trio and also use with Player to play along, but would never, ever, ever use this in a live or studio situation. The tones and tone control are awesome, but the ios app technology and exclusive bluetooth connectivity issue make this a product that I will no longer recommend. The best thing Line 6 can do to make this a real good setup is to make an alternative PC and MAC application that can control the amp/FBV MkII footswitch. That is what is missing here and sad that Line 6 could not figure that out two or three years ago.
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