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  1. Thank you for your insight! This helps a lot!
  2. Another question: do the delays in Helix family products offer stereo ping pong for every algorithm? I currently use a Strymon TImeline as my main delay. I find it mildly infuriating that the only delay algorithm on that device that offers ping pong is the dual delay. I want that on EVERY kind of delay if I'm running a stereo signal. This goes kind of with my question posted above. I see the HX Stomp useful for processing my signal before the current pedalboard, and as a stereo amp. If it could take over delay duties from the Timeline though, oh man I would buy that!
  3. I don't want the front end effects blocks (pitch, dynamics, drives) to be stereo. Can I go in through the HX Stomp's L input, and out the L output for this signal chain? I imagine leaving this routing always connected to my board. I won't always run a stereo amp. I normally play my AC30/6 in mono. I don't currently have a second amp to complete my stereo rig. My pedalboard is routed in stereo with a Goodwood Audio Interfacer at the end that sums my L and R signals to mono. I cancel this summing when I want to send stereo signals to two amps. I would like to be able to send the R channel out of the Interfacer to the R input of the HX Stomp. Then process that signal with amp modeling blocks and IR's. Then send that signal to FOH out the R output of the HX Stomp. Is this routing possible? Would I still have 2 more pathways of processing? I would like to use the effects send/return IO on the side of HX Stomp for delay processing if possible. Am I asking too much of this device?
  4. So the HX Stomp has two paths? Two stereo or mono paths? I'm trying to decide how I would use it with my board. I would like to use it as pitch, dynamics and drive processing in front of my board, AND as my stereo amp after my stereo effects on the board.
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