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  1. No doubt in the case of the 300. One day it will fail, then it will be nothing. However, the first gen came out in 2003 & it still does what it does with no issues. The OP is talking about the newer JT series. So if the JT's modelling lasts the same 15+ years the 300 already has, then there will still be a well made, good playing guitar that is still useful with or without the brains. It'll always have some value. In that time how useful will it have been in comparison to a traditional guitar?
  2. In other words it will do what new guitars do. Depreciate a lot initially, then level out. I have a 300 & a JTV59. I've had a 500 & another 300. All have been decent guitars. The 300 still does what's it's supposed to do, & I'm assuming it has had an O.S. upgrade as it has features I had thought weren't on the first Gen 300's such as alternate tunings. My first 300 didn't (that I know of). So my current 300 is proof that the guitar you already own can evolve as well if you want it to.
  3. So, I'm aware that this is old thread, but maybe someone will someday get something from it. I have the same reservations about buying anything new. Everything is worth significantly less almost the instant you leave the store. A new guitar is almost never something that should be viewed as an investment. It's a tool to accomplish what want to accomplish. As a tool the Variax guitars accomplish a lot more than more other instruments around. A new Fender or Gibson will also depreciate significantly & maybe after decades certain models might apriciate a little. Those will only ever do one thing, so as a tool they're fairly limited. If you decide you'd like something different you'll have to modify or sell them & or buy another guitar. If you modify them they are devalued even more. No traditional guitar will offer dependable alternate tunings on the fly (auto tuners are not dependable). Variax is whatever you want it to be without perminant modding. As long as it's cared for & functional it will have value.
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