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  1. Hello all. I have a Toneport KB37 and recently it started doing something and i can't understand why. Here's the deal. Problem: when i plug it in via USB cable it starts working fine. If i begin playing something, the KB37 "dies", then the two clipping red lines begins blinking intermittently, then it goes back to life. If i start playing something again, the cycle repeats itself. What i have tried so far: - USB connected directly on PC (no hubs) - tested on Windows 10 and Windows 7 (both clean installs) - driver is update on both OSs - Monkey is all green lights and updated on both OSs As far as i can tell, it looks like a hardware problem on the KB37, but i can't tell for sure since i'm no expert with sound devices. I searched online and coudn't find anyone with a problem like mine. What i could find was similar issues but none helpful for my case. And finally i'm here. Does anyone have any ideas of what i could try? Anything could be very helpful. Thank you in advance. Take care.
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