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  1. Not sure if this is meant to work this way or if it's a bug, but when I use a SPIDF out to my DAW and have my Power cab hooked up to L6 Link the S/PDF signal is terminated. No output what so ever. Can any one confirm if this is indeed how it is supposed to work or if there's a setting I'm missing Seems a little strange to label an output as being multiple outputs but then it kills the signal on one of the outputs. Thanks for any help.
  2. Just curious if anyone knows of any plans to update the PC+ with some new speaker models. It's been over a year I believe since it's release. I for one would love a version of the Celestion G65. Anyone else have some faves they'd like them to model?
  3. I have a Powercab Plus and a Friedman ASC-112. I recently had them hooked up together and found out they seem to be out of phase with one another. The sound becomes noticeably thinner sounding when using a Pan pedal and mid panning the cabs. Is there a phase reversal setting on individual outputs (xlr, 1/4 etc)? The only thing I have found is when using a merge block I can reverse the phase on signal B. This works but is not really Ideal. I would think there would be some global way of applying it on a per output basis. Thanks for any help in this matter.
  4. I have a Friedman ASC 112 and a Powercab Plus 112 I just hooked em up together and realized they seem to be out of phase with each other. Of course, neither have a phase reverse switch on it. Is there a way in the Powercab software to reverse the phase or can it be added in the future. I use a Helix and I can reverse polarity if I use a merge block but even the Helis doesn't seem to offer phase reversal as a global option per output. Any thoughts or ideas?
  5. I accept that it may sound different, but if you have another FRFR cab and the feed on that XLR out is a mix of the speaker emulation feeding the Powecab with a Mic Sim, why not make it an option and we can decide whether it sounds like poop or not. At the very least have that XLR signal adjustable. On another note, I've done a lot of AB testing in the last 24 hours with the Powercab. I have come to the conclusion that it's pretty damn kickass!!! My big takeaways are, The main speaker, as any real speaker would, needs a little breaking in. It's a bit stiff. I split the signal coming out of my Helix and fed the PowerCab one feed and the other into a tube power amp feeding a V30 and a G12H 30 and A/B'd back and forth with a Whirlwind Selector. Obviously, the 2x12 had a little more body to start, but that was pretty easy to overcome. Tone wise I got em super close, but the 2x12 speakers have some years on em and have a nice feel when playing. I'm sure once the Powercab speaker breaks in a bit it will have a slightly looser feel and soften up a taste. The other thing I really dig, is you can turn the tweeter down. I found that about -10db so far works really well. I wish the Friedman had that. If I keep the Friedman I will hit him up to find out if it's adjustable in the power amp section. I did feed the Friedman the feed from the XLR with mic sim and it sounds really good too. The problem is the Friedman wants the power section turned up pretty high for it to feel a bit tubey, And the Powercab wants to see the Helix turned up all the way, which results in the Friedman being massively loud. The Friedman definitely has way more thump than the Powercab, but it also has a bit too much tweeter for my taste at times. Next will be testing identical IR usage between the 2 and my studio monitors to see which is truer. I did a quick one, and off the bat the Powercab was the winner there. Great time to be a guitar player for sure.
  6. Thanks, I will do that. I agree why wouldn't the mic sim be available on the USB out? It's also strange that they imply in the Manual that the XLR output is adjustable by stating "The output is Line Level with a maximum of +13dBu" using the word maximum seems to imply it's adjustable up to that level to me. It is seperate from the overall volume but has no level of it's own. Another possible manual misprint is the part about more information about using L6 Link connectivity specifically with Helix. They tell us to see the Helix owners manual, provide the link which is to the Manual which is a cpl years old and has not been updated. There is no info there about Helix and Powercabs at all. Probably shoulda updated that manual before printing the Powercab manual....
  7. Am I missing something or is there no way to disable the Mic Modeling on the XLR output when using the speaker modeling mode? I can't seem to find that option which leaves me to believe it is not available. I have a Friedman ASC-12 that I would like to feed the Powercabs simulated speaker output but without the mic. Also I do not see a separate output level control for the XLR output. That would be helpful when using other non L6 cabs. Any thoughts on that?
  8. k21267

    New 2.50 Presets?

    If you read my posts, I specifically mention "New Amps" of which there are two. I do not mention all new features at all. I also am not requesting presets, I am merely asking if there are any new presets and if so which ones. It's more about confirming the update installed correctly. In fact, more confusion was added when powering up my Helix this morn. I received a rebuilding presets message, which seems strange considering I did a reboot last night with buttons 7&8 held down. No reboot procedure was initiated this morn, yet apparently, presets were being rebuilt.
  9. k21267

    New 2.50 Presets?

    Great to see so many responses here, but has anyone verified that there are no new presets other than Factory 1 32A? Past updates have included sample presets for new amp models. If that's not the case with this one that's fine. I just want to make sure I didn't miss anything while updating. It's not about not being able to figure out how things work (been using Line6 gear since Pod) it's about clarifying the update process and verifying things are correct. Thanks.
  10. k21267

    New 2.50 Presets?

    WEll, I assume it worked. That one patch seems to be the only new patch and it did update when I rebooted. Just seems strange they didn't include any new presets showcasing the new amp models as they have in the past. Can anyone confirm that this is the case so I can be sure I'm not missing anything? Thanks.
  11. k21267

    New 2.50 Presets?

    Thanks for the info on restoring the stock presets. Holding 7&8 is the way to go as it does not clear the IR's. Good times.
  12. k21267

    New 2.50 Presets?

    Interesting, my 32A is named Space Cadet and uses Cave, Octo and Particle verbs, which are legacy verbs now. In regards to the new Factory presets. Wouldn't it be easier to just make those new Setlists Downloadable so we don't have to backup and restore all of our own setlists and IR's ?
  13. k21267

    New 2.50 Presets?

    So I updated HXedit and my Firmware. Did a Backup first. After installing new Firmware all my Presets, impulses etc were already there. In other words, I did not have to restore anything from a backup or bundle. I've got all the new goodies as far as I can tell. The only thing I don't see is any new Factory Presets with new amps etc. Am I missing something or are there no new presets?
  14. k21267

    New Presets?

    Just updated to the new firmware. Love the one touch backup and restore and new models etc. Is it safe to assume there were no new presets added? It seems since we are to "Complete Backup and restore" that no new presets were added to showcase the new amp models or effects. Is this correct or is there a preset download somewhere I missed?
  15. Not sure if anyone has mentioned or thought of this, I'm trying to figure out a way to have just a master Reverb mix control for all patches. Something to deal with the different liveness or deadness from playing in different venues etc. I imagine I could just assign the Reverb Mix to an expression pedal for every patch but is there an easier way? Would be awesome if they had included a cpl of assignable knobs on the unit. You could then just assign a global parameter to a knob and adjust to taste for every patch that had that element. In any case any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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