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  1. you make a great point considering a quality frfr speaker would run around the same price as the fh1500. Do you have any experience with the cloud based tones for the firehawk?
  2. Ok so im new to this forum but ive been on the search for some versatile equipment that packs a mean punch both live and for practicing at lower volumes at home. Im in love with the helix based on what of seen and heard so far but what i hate is that in order to really experience its prowess I need to get a quality frfr solution. so then here comes the fh1500 and it seems that paired with the helix its an amazing setup and even l6 staff and endorses such a connection. I just wish that there was a helix1500, i mean why put inferior modeling in a frfr amp? when the helix tech is already available? so my big question is should I go FH1500 and dial in my settings? or do i go helix? or do i wait until l6 wises up and puts the helix in an amp cab?
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