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    connected but nothing happens

    I had the same problem. The amp is v. 1.0. I've tried 2 computers (Win 8 and 10) and 3 iPads of varying versions to update the firmware. The updates all fail via iOS and when attempting USB connection, the box is empty where I'm supposed to "Select device to update". Device manager shows USB Composite device -- "This device cannot start (Code 10)" STATUS_DEVICE_DATA_ERROR. I've performed the factory reset on the amp and cannot seem to get it to go into update mode where the 4 tone indicators (A-D) blink. Powering up with Tone & Tap pressed yields all tone indicators dark and just the tone button lighted. There are clearly other debug modes from different combinations of button presses while powering up. Should I be using something else? I cannot find any documentation on any other button combination modes. This is a horrible out-of-the-box experience. Please post a solution