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  1. Got the same issue and got the very same versions of drivers. Only difference being that absolutely no audio goes through the ux2, and neither do the meters move. Strong bump.
  2. bump. I accidentally just stepped on the usb cable two days ago, which then got just off from the usb port. After connecting it back, it would just have two blinking red lights. I tried everything from uninstalling everything. Monkey fails to install on it's own and leads me to the website, when I download the drivers manually they install. However on the driver install, the newhardware wizard never launches. Tried every single usb port ranging from normal USB 2.0 to USB 3.0, 3 of them were working just fine before. The pod just keeps having the blinking red lights. The next step was to uninstall also my usb drivers, after reinstalling them the pod just keeps blinking those two red lights. I've also kept restarting my computer on every single step. I've had this issue before, but it just worked out itself out of nowhere after few days. However now I really have the inspiration and don't have any other amp to work with at home. Any help? I'm operating on ASUS Laptop, running a windows 10. All drivers are up to date.
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