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  1. Hi all, I got the Amplifi 150 and had the same issues: tried to update the firmware with an ipad, then with two different PC's and a direct connection via USB. Nothing worked. Finally, I downloaded the firmware updater for MacOS here: http://line6.com/software/index.html and connected the Amplifi to my MacBook Air via USB cord. The installer recognized the Amplifi, and I was able to upgrade my firmware to the latest version, following the instructions on the screen. The updater works with all Mac Os X flavors, including El Capitan. One thing I would like to point out; before you update, put your Amplify in 'update mode'. You do that by powering off the Amplifi first, then hold down the 'Tone' and the 'Tap' button at the same time while powering it on. If you have tried updating with your Ipad and failed, you might want to try this step. I admit the documentation is not great. But don't give up - once you update your firmware and get the app to work, it's actually an excellent amp. Good luck!
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