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  1. Hi, I own G10 a few weeks now. Works well (only on strat and basses, acoustic gives noise, but that aside, bought it for bass) 1. While charging I never saw a solid green led on the receiver/charger. Is that a battery problem? 2. How do you notice when transmitter goes into sleepmode? Green led on transmitter (in guitar) stays solid green all the time when we take a (15 to 20 minutes) break. Is the led supposed to go off or something?
  2. Has anyone tried the G10 on an acoustic guitar? I own 2 basses, 1 strat, 2 acoustics. One is handmade with LR Baggs (active, saddle pickup and microphone) Other one is a Gibson J200 with Fishman (active, installed by previous owner, no volume controls) Strat and basses work very well! Both acoustics produce an interference noise. Like ground problem with cable. Tried different locations and different amp systems. I read G10 can be used in acoustic also. :(
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