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  1. This is an update that might be useful to people considering using the Stomp the way I am, which is to run bridge pickup of a bass through effects and into one amp / speaker, and the neck pickup going into another amp / speaker. (think: Chris Squire / Ric-O-Sound) Here are a couple little info tidbits that I searched for hours for and couldn't find answers to and had to learn the hard way, so I thought I'd just post this here in hopes of helping somebody else with a similar situation. All things considered, the Stomp WILL work for me and it will allow me to take WAY less gear to gigs, so overall I'm very happy to have one! 1) I was concerned about having the ability to run two amp / two speaker models in parallel plus a handful of effects like compressors, EQ, tremolo, etc. I saw that I could combine an amp and speaker into one block, called "Amp+Speaker". I was hopeful that arranging two of those amp / speaker combinations would leave me four blocks to work with. In a word, no. An Amp+Speaker block is indeed one block. BUT - it uses a LOT of DSP. When I do that and set up the two amp + speaker models, it uses so much DSP that I can only apply very simple effects after that, and even then only one or two more, like simple EQ for example. So it's good to know that when they say "up to six blocks", the "up to" is a very key phrase. If you're thinking of using two amp+speaker blocks you'll have very little to work with after that. I have thought of a couple workarounds that will work for me, but the fairly severe DSP limitation was a little surprising to me. 2) Also something to note: If running from a TRS (stereo) output on your instrument, a regular TRS cable (like a mic cable with 1/4" plugs on each end instead of XLR) will not work properly if you're thinking of using a cable of any appreciable length. You'll get a substantial amount of bleed between the two pickups. I spent quite a bit of time figuring out that it's not the fault of the Stomp or my bass, it's the cable from the instrument to the Stomp. Each conductor must be independently shielded to get true separation between the two pickup sources. I found a ProCo insert cable that is literally two mono cables "welded" together that works great, or you can use a splitter directly out of the TRS output jack on your instrument and then run two separate 1/4" cables into the Stomp. Anyway. .. hope that is of some help to somebody who is thinking of getting a Stomp and using it the way I am.
  2. They said that it would be something they'd look into for future updates. I'm totally guessing here, but it may also be possible that when I updated to 2.71 the first time there was an update error, and if I updated to 2.71 again now I wouldn't have the problem, but for some reason, updating my Stomp is a complete pain in the lollipop (I won't bore you with the details) so I'm not going to try that. It's working, it's stable, it's doing what I want, and I'm happy where I am right now. ha ha.
  3. UPDATE: OK. .. customer service suggested that I roll back to firmware version 2.70. I did that, and problem solved!
  4. Thanks for the input everybody. .. I've already tried the suggestions, the problem persists. Like cruisinon2 said above, I think it's service ticket time. I can actually use the tuner the way it is, I just have to keep in mind that it's showing me the note a minor 3rd above the real note I'm playing. . the tuner function itself works fine. But still. . ..
  5. The tuner in my HX stomp works fine except for one issue - it displays the wrong notes! When I play a low E it says it's a G, when I play A it displays C, the D shows F, the G shows Bb, etc. I've tried different basses, different presets, checked tuning of the bass of course, tried octave harmonics instead of the root note, scoured the manual, it's set to A=440, tried the different tuning modes, offsets are disabled. . .can't find a solution or even another person who is having the same problem. I have updated to latest firmware, and it's been doing this since I first got the unit about a week and a half ago. Defective unit maybe?
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the answers!
  7. I'm thinking of getting a Stomp but need to economize on block usage to fit what I need to do within the 6 block limit. Is there a single Ampeg bass block available that consists of Amp+Speaker cab like there are for some of the other amp types? From just looking at the block list without ever having used any of the Helix products it seems like I need to have one block assigned to SV Beast and a 2nd block assigned to the 8x10 cab. Thx
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