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  1. Hi guys Apologies for three questions in one topic, but here goes; 1) I'm on firmware v2.01 and I just bought Fremen's pack. Should I load Fremen's pack frist, then apply the firmware update, or the other way around, or is there no difference? 2) I've had Helix for about 4 months and generally like it but struggle to get a good jazz tone. I'm currently using a US Double Nrm. This is modelled on a Fender tube amp I've played through, on it's own, no effects, just plugged in it sounds amazing. But through the Helix with my archtop Ibanez this amp sounds very wimpy and almost unusable. I've ended up adding a seperate EQ (Cali Q) just to boost it up to make a decent tone. I must be doing something wrong here but I can't find a decent straight amp jazz tone on the Helix. Any advice appreciated. 3) Simple question - i need a .rar unarchiver for Fremen's pack - one without loads of adware etc. Any advice? Thanks all, this is a great forum. BTW - my Jazz Clean is attached if it's useful to anyone. Jools Jazz Clean.zip
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