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  1. I have a JTV-89 F, only used it a few times. Was fine this morning, then this evening wanted to play some drop D. The model switch pressing was not working at all. I read this thread, started pulling on the knob and I heard a click. Then I was able to press it, clicked and the light came on. I paid 2k for this guitar the parts are not very robust are they? At least it isn't broken, just an issue with the model selector knob. It took months to get this guitar in, and there was another one in repair shop for months, maybe I am in for it later? 🤔 I am in New Zealand so I am pretty sure it would take a while to get repaired. I also got the G10 wireless and some of my guitars don't work, Green light on. I needed to buy two TS Right angle adapters for a couple of my 22 Guitars that I tried that didn't work, must be funny wiring? I still have another 9 guitars I haven't tried yet. Hey Thanks for the info in these threads! You guys are great for sharing knowledge about this Line 6 gear. I am totally new to it. I friggin LOVE this stuff though, don't get me wrong, I bought a Helix too then watch some demos of Variax and am blown away, by the JTV-89 its wicked!!
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