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    Helix case/bag

    Hello colleagues, Thanks for all the information here! I just wanted to give a little feedback about my search for the best bag for the Helix (for my needs): As I don't want to leave my Helix in our band trailer to be able to tweak at home in between gigs, I prefer a sort of a softbag over a hardcase (weight, handy carrying, no hard/sharp edges that could damage the floor/car/furniture....). But on the other side the bag must be well padded to protect the Helix from rude handling at our gigs, or (when there is no time for tweaking) - it should ever find itself in the trailer... I looked for a skb softcase version which I like very much but couldn't find a good fitting one here in germany (SKB SC2111 unfortunately was a tiny bit too small and not compressable). So I had to look somewhere else and tried the following ones: Thomann Effect Pedal Bag https://www.thomann.de/gb/thomann_effect_pedal_bag.htm -> snaggy zippers, not very sturdy and no good fit. Gator G-MultiFX-2411 https://www.thomann.de/gb/gator_g_multifx_2411.htm -> better over all impression than the Thomann Bag, but a little too wide (61,6 cm vs. 55,8 cm) and padding is only 13 mm. Ritter RKS7 Keyboard 550*310*110 https://www.thomann.de/gb/ritter_rks7_keyboard_550310110_mgb.htm -> fits perfectly, 28 mm padding and very sturdy material and reinforced edges, handy strap and handle, large outer pocket I kept the Ritter and I'm very happy with it over some months now. It isn't advertised related to the Helix so it might be a little bit unknown here, but I can definetily recommend it! Best regards!
  2. Thanks too for that workaround, @jbuhajla! Due to position on Knob 6 it's also possible to adjust the volume by foot... ;)
  3. Hello everybody, when i connect helix to the pc (win 10) the usb audio volume always is set to 100%. Is it possible to change this default setting? (I twice almost blew my ears after starting an mp3...) Thanks and regards!
  4. Hi there, being a big fan of the two rock cleans I'd love to check your preset but the website of the link above seems to be unavailable at the moment. Is there a chance you could fix that, JazzInc? Or could maybe somebody load the preset up again somewhere else? Since I found your other thread with a two rock-like clean preset your Homepage seems to be quite interesting for further inspiriation though ;) Thanks and best regards!
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