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  1. I try and be realistic with reverbs. It is why I kept my H9. I am not willing to give up an entire path just for reverb, which is probably what would be required to run some of the Strymon and Eventide reverb algorithms. Give me nice, usable guitar reverbs in the Helix and I am happy (which is what they did).
  2. The dual cab block is a 50/50 blend, so you can get even more flexibility using 2 actual cabinets and use an A/B split to change the blend to your taste. I tend to use an SM57 up tight on a 1 x 12 cab and a 121 Ribbon on a 4 x 12. I usually end up with a 30/70 blend preferring the bigger, thicker sound from the Royer and mixing in the 57 to get the exact amount of attack and percussiveness I am looking for. I don't know what the DSP hit between the dual cab vs 2 actual cabs is, but it is one more beautifully flexible feature I love with my Helix!
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