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  1. Thanks for your response. I tried it and I concure that it is not possible. For now I'll just use my MP3 player for my backing tracks for now. Thanks again
  2. Line6 support recommend I post here. I just received a SpiderJam amp and experienced difficulty with formatting the sd card using the wav,44100, mono set up. I am using a Fender g-dec3 30 amp that formats using MP3. Theirs seems to be more user friendly. Support said this jam format is somewhat old and there is no plan to change. On the forums this topic comes up and the cure seems to download a third party converter. Would it be possible by firmware update to include different formats? I do like the sound from the SJ bur simpler formatting would really improve this situation. I am probably over-simplifying this but it would seem to be a viable upgrade.
  3. Thanks gary, I was just thinking since the SJ could record your created music and mic input onto the sd card that just maybe the amp could do the same with the MP3 player. If anyone has tried this whether it worked or not I would like to hear their experiences.
  4. As I sit here my mind is running all over. I have a new question and wonder if anyone has successfully done this. With my MP3 player plugged in to the proper amp port can I transfer the songs onto a 2gb ad card plugged into the SJ amp or must this be done through my desk top computer? Thanks
  5. When I went online there is the opportunity to download and listen to backing tracks and things like that. Inevitably I may just have to update my old desktop computer. I have stored many songs on my old computer and will have to convert them to wav and mono or just plug in my MP3 player to thr SJ amp. But first things first. I will be receiving it on Wednesday and start from there. Again thanks for your response and welcome any and all advice. I have some experience from my g-dec amp so hopefully the transition will be smoother and I am looking forward to the SJ..
  6. Thanks for your advice I'll give it a try when I get the amp this week. Do you know how to get around the adobe flash/ iPad issue regarding downloads ? Thanks again
  7. I am getting a new spider jam this week and already I have a couple of questions. First my ipad mini does not support adobe flash. Any way around this? Second question relates to sd catds. I have a fender g-dec3 30 and have loaded backing tracks on them in wav and mp3 format. Will they work in the spider jam in their present state without re-formatting or will I have to erase and start over? I have stored these on my desktop computer but no longer use this computer on-line because the operating system is the old xp system not supported by Microsoft any longer. Thanks for any and all advice.
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