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  1. Any chance of explaining again what you've done here a little more thoroughly?
  2. Its funny how this isnt a problem for people until it happens, then its the worst thing in the world :) I can assure you that 100% of these units will fail eventually due to this exact issue. It doesnt matter if you never touch it, it will happen one day, when you least want it to.
  3. You're still going to have that God awful micro USB sticking out the back though, which is why this unit breaks and what this post is about. Unless your going to hard wire it? If so please advise and provide pics.
  4. Great mod, unfortunately this is beyond my capabilities. Great work though, Im sure some folk will have a go and succeed.
  5. 9V to 5V DC converter So did you make that whole panel on the LHS of the image yourself or did you buy it off the shelf like that? If so where can we buy it from? If we’re based somewhere else in the world (With different voltage types etc) will it need to be different in any way? Why did you do this? Is this your unit or did someone give it to you broken to fix in the manner? Was it out of warranty? Also does anyone know when the “USB breaks†on these, just exactly what is breaking? Just the USB connector or something further inside? Excellent job by the way.
  6. Im gonna assume that most people bought the G10 over the G30 for the same reason I did, the fact that you just plug the small sender unit in and its done. The G10 has the old fashioned large style belt packs that require more set up work each time. I see that he G30 has a normal guitar pedal type power supply (None micro USB) so for some this will be a better solution if their G10 breaks.
  7. Hmm, yeah, might be an idea. Although just how strong are the magnets? I guess you dont want them to be too strong otherwise it will break the unit internally again, but you dont want them to be too weak otherwise the cable will keep disconnecting. I'd like to hear other peoples use of this in a live gig scenario.
  8. Just so ya'll know, Line 6 are NOT going to solve this problem as it would be completely impossible to recall them and re-tool it all. The best you could hope for is that one day (It wont be this year, it wont be next year, so many years from now) that they release a new version without this cockamamie micro USB power supply on it. I actually spoke to a electrician who specialises in musical items who said he could easily mod it to work from a normal guitar pedal power supply, but of course that would make the warranty invalid. I have it on good word that the Line 6 G10 Relay was never actually intended to be sold anywhere else other than none musical physical shops like Macro/Target etc but then they changed their mind.
  9. Nothing in this world is suited to EVERY ENVIRONMENT, but this unit DOES say its for EVERY GUITARIST, so it should be usable by every guitarist in environments that guitarists would use it .Be that bedroom, rehearsal studio or live on stage. (Not underwater, in space or shoved into the belly of a Tauntaun mind you) Currently it cant be due to its awful ease of breaking. I am a guitarist (Well a bassist actually but thats STILL a guitar) and the G10 has NOT worked well for me (Even though my work around is still functioning perfectly)
  10. It even states on the box its for EVERY GUITARIST (see attached image)
  11. Small up date here. Ive now received my (huge) bag of black elastic bands to replace my various coloured ones Link here https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0166XM192/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Attached are pics of what I now consider the final project to look like. Ive now secured it to my pedal board with velcro. Hopefully this should stop anything like this happening again. I hope this helps some folks out there.
  12. This works perfectly and it still holds the transmitter in place in the dock even if you turn it upside down. This should be in the manual. The only issue is that a lot of pedal boards arnt tall enough to hold the dock with transmitter sitting in it (Clearly the best place to keep it so you dont lose it) which is unfortunate. Thanks MusicLaw
  13. My not so intrusive micro USB power charger has now arrived and it works fine with it. Image attached. As you will see the cable will be able to be moved a lot easier without everything moving around so much now. I purchased it from here on Amazon for £4.29 delivered https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00OZH4OWE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Just to note that on the side its states For Micro/8600 Which I am going to assume is either a Nokia or Samsung 8600 phone, so if you know where to look you can probably get one of these cheaper, but any micro usb charger should do as long as its 5V 1000ma. Next I will be purchasing some black rubber bands to make it all look a bit nicer, or I might zip tie it all instead, but as I want to velcro it to my pedal board the zip ties might be slightly too thick to then have velcro under/over and effect how well it velcros down. Anyways, this is the only prevention Ive seen so far and I'm happy with what Ive achieved.
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