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  1. Yeah, understand that stance. Many of these software developers are the same, IK with guitar Rig are a case in point. However, doesn't hurt to give 'em a nudge now and then. After all it's US they should keep happy. Guitarists can be a fickle bunch, easily seduced by new/other stuff! ;) The Boss Kantana is looking mighty interesting. Thanks for the reply BillBee.
  2. Hi all, Just here to say that of all the "Amp Sim" software I have, and it's a LOT, I always come back to Pod Farm.(and Also Guitar Rig 5) I can always get great sounding tones with my setup (UX2 + PF 2.5) and a fairly high spec PC but not greatly so. Monitored through a Yamaha PA system. I think the Compressor and the Plexi Variac'd are soo good, in particular Really hoping that Line 6 regard Pod Farm with long standing commitment to developing? I know Line 6 have, quite rightly, other fish to fry, but I firmly believe it's Pod Farm that really cemented their success. Comments welcome Thanks
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