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  1. dirtbag99

    FX100 Direct To Amp

    Dont know if this will help anyone but this is the only way i got the fx 100 to be workable direct through a amp...tryed many diffrent amps and ways and the only thing that saved the fx was the usb recording that i thought lacked warmth...signal strength and distortion i wanted...i put a tube drive in front of the killer z distortion in the effects chain to help that....k....i ran it through a peavy vypyr 2..ran the fx mono left out to the amp.made a clean program in bank 2 on the vypyr...bypass the inst/stomp...put the amp onthe focus acoustic....not the trace on the green light clean setting..then bypass the effects....pre gain at 9 oclock..,,bass treble mid at noon to start...post gain at 9oclock and master at 9...start with your lower leveled presets to see were you wanna set your levels Personly i did not like the fx through head phones or to a pa or sterio.....has good distortion selection but.signal was week...the peavy was is week on distortion...only reason i tryed this is because i bought vypyr 1 20 watt cheap and thought it lacked lil distortion so i dug out a boss me 30 i got for 20n bucks years ago used it for distortion on alot of amps and it sounded good. with lil distortion on the amps distortion....it surprised me how good they sounded together and equelized the guitar high mids n lows.......after i hooked up the fx this way im going through my programs and retrying amps n cabs...cuz i can actually hear them better
  2. dirtbag99

    Amplifi utility?

    why is this such a hassle ? EWWww...the mysterious utility isnt impressing me..some otherf uninformed soul on craigs list can find this notsofirmware crap..cuz ill be walking out the door of g center.the..with a boss me 80... i havet played in a week cuz i choose to buy this peice of crap.....why would i buy any more crap...line 5 aint keeping me from playing into a new year lollipop THIS NOISE