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  1. I will try this tonight and post it, maybe you can find where it went wrong, THANKS
  2. Yes I am still using stompbox mode (F5-F8 in settings), Can you tell me how to put the patch in a zip-file? Sorry I have never done that before... And to be honest I don't think I missed some details of my scenario, but me thinking that doesn't mean anything, I could be wrong because I don't know exactly what I'm doing otherwise I wouldn't have so much questions LOL
  3. Hey Hurghanico, thanks for the reply. What I meant to say is that; * At first I had my Pod HD500X connected via 4 cable method to my H&K amp, I used FS1-FS8 (Stompbox mode) and had a single effect on each FS. All worked fine. * Then I connected a Midi cable and figured out how to make it work. I got it to work (FS1 being Clean channel on the H&K amp, FS2 Crunch channel and FS3 Lead channel) on the rest of the FS4 to FS8 I have several effects as chorus, reverb, delay, boost etc. (again a single effect per switch) The problem now is that those effects don't work anymore, I checked it and they are all still programmed but I can't hear any difference when they are switched to "on", not even with extreme high values. Maybe this make more clear what I was trying to say? English is not my first language but I guess you already noticed, sorry for the question seeming complicated while in fact it's not... Also I checked the manual as suggested by Stormstudios but I didn't find anything in there that clears things up for me, as far as I know I have done things correctly.
  4. Wow Stormstudios, this was a fast reply! I have the FS mode in 5-8 so every FS is available. I am going to check the pages you mention and hope I get a better understanding. Thanks!
  5. Hi everybody, I am totally new to midi and can't figure this one out; I have the pod HD500x connected to my H&K Tubemeister 36 via 4-cable method and a midi cable. After spending some time I found out how to set it up so that I can use the foot switches to change the channels on the amp but the problem is that the effects which are stored on the other footswitches don't seem to work anymore? Anybody know how to fix this? Also I would like to know if it's possible that you put several commands on 1 FS? For instance; when I press FS1 I get my clean channel on the amp and at the same time the chorus-effect switches on, can that be done? And if yes, how? Hope somebody can help.... Thanks guys
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